It’s been raining sweet deals of late at Microsoft and third-party retailers like Best Buy on both 2018’s Surface Pro 6 and fifth-gen models released the previous year, but if you don’t want to make any processing power compromises, today’s the day to pull the trigger and score a discount of up to $259.

Five different Surface Pro 6 variants are currently eligible for a pair of cool freebies on their manufacturer’s official US e-store. If you’re wondering what this fast five has in common, the answer is actually quite simple: a state-of-the-art 8th Generation Intel Core i7 chipset. That makes this tablet a very worthy replacement for essentially any conventional laptop out there, so it’s definitely fitting (and nice) that Microsoft lets you bundle these powerhouses with a keyboard and Surface Pen at no extra cost.

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You can get the complimentary stylus in your favorite color from a quartet of options including black, platinum, cobalt blue, and burgundy, while the gratis keyboard can be an older Surface Pro Type Cover model, normally worth $129.99, or a newer, fancier Signature Type Cover in platinum, blue, or burgundy, which separately fetches $159.99. All in all, after also taking the $99.99 retail value of that productivity-enhancing Surface Pen into consideration, you’re looking at maximum savings of around 260 bucks.

Of course, you’ll have to cough up a pretty penny to get a Surface Pro 6 with Intel Core i7 inside in the first place and qualify for the two extremely valuable and popular gifts. We’re talking at least $1,499 if you can “settle” for a 256GB SSD/8GB RAM configuration and up to a whopping $2,299 for a Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrid pulling out all the stops, with 16 gigs of memory and a full 1TB of storage space.

The most “affordable” model on sale today is available in black and platinum paint jobs, while the costliest version can only be purchased in platinum. Finally, black and platinum models with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage will set you back $1,899 a pop in combination with a pen and keyboard that you need to add to your cart before checking out.

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