Author: Staff Contributor

Can Triumph Group (TGI) Go The Extra Mile?

After a recent check, we have noticed that the Chaikin Oscillator is above zero for Triumph Group (TGI). Traders may be paying close attention to the stock and looking out for possible bullish momentum. At times, investors may be prone to making impulsive or irrational decisions when it comes to the stock market. Finding a way to leave emotions out […]

Market Watch: UO Line Over 60 for Steppe Gold Ltd (STGO.TO)

The Ultimate Oscillator level is currently above 60 on shares of Steppe Gold Ltd (STGO.TO). Active traders may be closely following the indicator to see if overbought conditions are present at current levels. Many new investors may be frantically researching the best way to study the stock market. It is hard to say with any certainty which approach will work […]