Author: Staff Contributor

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average Trending Up for 8ip Emerging Companies Limited (8EC.AX)

Watching the numbers for 8ip Emerging Companies Limited (8EC.AX), we have noted that the Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average is trending higher over the last five sessions. Traders tracking this indicator may be watching out for positive near-term momentum on the stock. Investors will be trying to gauge which way stock market momentum will shift as we head into the close […]

Energy Bear 3X Direxion (ERY): Numbers in Focus

After a recent check, we have noted that the KAMA has been trending higher over the prior five trading periods for Energy Bear 3X Direxion (ERY). Traders keeping an eye on the signal might be watching for a possible positive shift in near-term momentum. There are many factors at play when looking to successfully conquer the stock market. New investors […]