Technical Tracker: Following the Signals on Shares of MGT Capital Investments Inc (MGTI)

Focusing on shares of MGT Capital Investments Inc (MGTI), we have noted that the Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram line is currently below zero. Traders may be taking note of this level as a possible sell signal. Individuals may have the tendency to make irrational investing decisions based on certain biases rather than focusing on market fundamentals. They might purchase a […]

Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram Below Zero for Direxion Daily Utilities Bull 3X Shares (UTSL)

Traders might be following the technicals on shares of Direxion Daily Utilities Bull 3X Shares (UTSL). after a recent check, we have noticed that the PPOH level is currently below zero. With the PPOH below zero, traders may be alerted that the stock is in sell territory. Market slides can be troublesome for investors. When markets are moving lower, investors […]

Great Bear Resources Ltd. (TSXV:GBR) Has A QI Value Score of 62: Time to Jump in?

The Q.i. Value ranks companies using four ratios. These ratios consist of EBITDA Yield, FCF Yield, Liquidity, and Earnings Yield. The purpose of the Q.i. Value is to help identify companies that are the most undervalued. Typically, the lower the value, the more undervalued the company tends to be. Great Bear Resources Ltd. (TSXV:GBR) currently has a Q.i. Value of 62. Occasionally, […]